Zbůch Bridge

  • Zbůch Bridge
  • Zbůch Bridge
  • Zbůch Bridge
  • Zbůch Bridge
  • Zbůch Bridge

This project was for a concrete, single-span, rigid-frame bridge with variable cross-section based on pile foundations with a 6.6m span and a width of 12.25m.

“Thanks to the simple and intuitive modeller, Advance Design is an ideal component to defining geometry and loads on simple frame bridges and internal forces calculation. “– Nikolas Domín, Structural Designer, VPÚ DECO Praha a.s.

The Challenge

  • Fast creation of a 3D model founded on elastic subsoil required
  • Simulation of dead loads, loads from traffic and impact of temperature
  • Obtaining correct results of internal forces on the structure

The Solution

  • Simple creation of the 3D model based on the DXF reference
  • Easy handling of loads from traffic using basic modification tools, automatic generation of earth pressure and temperature loads
  • Various options for results interpretation

Users’ Benefits

  • Intuitive modeller
  • Loads generation
  • Post-processing of results
  • Software used: Advance Design
  • Design office: VPÚ DECO Praha a.s.
  • Location: Zbůch, Pilsen District, Czech Republic