Don’t miss our Advance Steel Academy

April 1-3, 2019 | St. Louis, Missouri


Don’t miss our Advance Steel Academy being held in St. Louis, Missouri from April 1-3, 2019!

It’s that time of year again – the annual Graitec Advance Steel Academy is happening the same week as The Steel Conference: NASCC in St. Louis, Missouri.

Join us for this three-day intense training as we delve into the latest features of the Autodesk® Advance Steel 2019/2020 versions and explore BIM workflows within the AEC Collection. We invite both experienced and new users to join us and learn how Advance Steel along with Autodesk, and Graitec products can bring added value to your steel detailing and engineering process. This is also a great opportunity to network with other industry experts.

On Monday April 1st, after a full day of training, we invite all our guests to let loose at the Top-Notch Axe throwing venue, located only 5 minutes away from the hotel. For those of you unfamiliar with this activity – think of darts …. but with an axe! No previous experience required! Food and beverages will be served.

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Stephanie Martel
514-935-1155 #300
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April 1, 2019

9:00 am - 9:30 am
Welcome Speech
Graitec will launch the fifth edition of the Autodesk® Advance Steel Academy and present the general themes of this year and will share with participants Graitec’s BIM vision.

9:30 am - 10:00 am
How to Manage your Autodesk & Graitec Advantage Account
Both Autodesk and Graitec have worked hard to make it easy to purchase, deliver and manage all your software solutions. With these changes to make it easier, it has brought in several new tools that you need to learn to get the most out of our accounts and streamline the IT and account management. Please join us as we step through new processes to download and manage both your Autodesk and Graitec software

10:00 am - 11:30 am
How to get the most out of your Graitec PowerPack and BIM Designer Stairs and Railings

I wish Advance Steel had this _________? Well, let’s see if the Graitec PowerPack and BIM Designer Stairs and Railings has it! We will take a look at what the Graitec PowerPack & BIM Designer improves and what it adds to Advance Steel that will help you optimize your workflow. Attend this technical training to optimize those Graitec tools for your daily design.



11:30 am - 12:30 pm (Lunch and Learn Session)
Connection design: What are the workflows for engineers, fabricators and detailers?

Steel projects are getting more complex and connection design is becoming even a bigger pain, especially when it comes to checking various steel connections according to the code (AISC/CISC). Join us in this session to see how IDEA StatiCa Connection (also marketed as Advance Design Connection) can design and code-check not just the connections from handbooks but all of them, no matter the complexity of their topology and loading. We will also show how the connection process influences the work of all the stakeholders in the BIM workflow and what are the synergies with the Autodesk AEC Collection.


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Customer Success Testimony: Steelway’s Journey with using Advance Steel
Steelway adopted Advance Steel in 2013, and it has become an integral part of our business.  We will demonstrate how the highly customizable nature of the program is a huge advantage for productivity.  We will share best practices related to setup, configuration, training, deployment, modelling, and outputs.  To leverage the advance steel model to an even greater extent, we are also using BIM 360 and Advance Design Connection.  We will explain how these programs fit into our workflows, and demonstrate the key features.

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Autodesk Presentations: Autodesk Vision for the Structural Industry & What’s New in Autodesk Advance Steel 2020

Ian Coats, Technical Specialist Structural BIM at Autodesk, will present Autodesk’s vision for the structural steel industry with regards to BIM workflows, general market trends, and Autodesk’s vision for the future. In this session, Gernot Jeromin, Structural Steel Product Manager at Autodesk, will discuss and provide insights on all the latest features and functionalities of the Autodesk Advance Steel 2020 versions.

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Open Questions

7:00 – 9:00 pm – Special Social Event: Top Notch Axe Throwing

April 2, 2019

Option 1

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
BIM workflows with the AEC Collection (with a 30-minute break)
AEC Collection! Holy crap, what do I do with all these tools?!? Spend the next 150 minutes with us and we’ll show you. Learn how to use your Advance Steel model with each discipline in the AEC environment to collaborate and improve your workflows. Software such as Revit, Robot, Naviswork, Infraworks, Plant 3D and 3Ds Max can bring a lot of values and they are all included in your AEC Collection package

(Side effects could be improved project efficiency, winning bids, more accurate estimations, less RFI’s, and better deliverables. Please see your doctor if enjoyment in work and happy clients occur)

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Lunch and Learn Session)
Graitec Advance Workshop

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Scanning Structural Steel
Learn how laser scanning can be integrated into your existing workflows.  Learn how data is captured, registered and brought into your typical design software.  We will take a look at how deliverables can be extracted from the data using the As-Built plug-in for both Advance Steel and Revit.

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Everything about Connections
You purchased Advance Steel to make your life easier. Connections are a big part of that, so let’s dig deeper and see what we can do with them and how to utilize them. We will look at hidden features all the way to Custom Connections.

Option 2

09:00 am - 10:00 am
Best Practices to Manage your Model

We will explore the different avenues proposed to manage models using, Multi-User and what are the keys to success. What should we expect from Revit? What should we expect working in a multi-platform project?


10:30 am - 12:00 pm 
Database Management & Company Standards

Learn about the advantages and the different approaches that can be used to share databases through a network. Common databases or push using batch files? What are the good points, and what are the weaknesses of both methods. What can be customized, to suit my company standards and help me speed up learning curve for new users. Discover how to create fasteners, bolts, anchors and studs. We will also show you how to add existing connections, how to convert plates into flat bars, and much more.


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Lunch and Learn Session)
Graitec Advance Workshop

 GRAITEC Advance Workshop is a purpose-built, easy-to-use Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS) designed to give steel fabricators complete control over every stage of production. Manage stock, traceability, labour and CNC processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs - ultimately optimizing your total business performance. Advance Workshop manages CNC Machinery and individual workforce alike making it adaptable to the needs of steel fabricators of all sizes and maturity.


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Miscellaneous Steel: Stairs & Railings Plate Works (with a 30-minute break)
Would you like to improve your skills when modeling Stairs, Railings and/or Plateworks.  Join us as we cover some tips and tricks to help expedite and create the Miscellaneous structures you’ve always wanted.  You will walk away with quite a few new tricks that will also help other aspects of your Advance Steel modeling.  We will look at, but not limited to, Stair Towers, Flared Stairs, Nesting grating Panels, and detailing all of them.

April 3, 2019
Drawing Styles Option
9:00 am - 05:00 pm
Drawing Styles Customization
This session is aimed to show in detail the functionality of Drawings Styles Customization and processes such as:
• Creation of labelling strategies
• Creation of views and object presentations
• Creation of dimension strategies
• Association of dimension strategies & the drawing styles

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Lunch and Learn Session)
Virtual Reality

Attend this lunch and learn session where you’ll have the chance to explore Advance Steel and Revit models using Virtual Reality


Revit Option

9:00 am - 05:00 pm
Introduction to Revit

In this basic Revit Course, we'll see how to navigate in the software, learn the process of creating a 3d model with the out-of-the-box components and see how Revit is a good tool for communicating intent and collaborating.  Once everyone is comfortable, we'll go deeper in the Advanced Steel /Revit Workflow and learn how to take the engineer's design and bring it into play.  If there is enough time, we'll see how users can create their own content, and how they can work together in the same file at the same time.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Lunch and Learn Session)
Virtual Reality

Attend this lunch and learn session where you’ll have the chance to explore Advance Steel and Revit models using Virtual Reality!


April 1 - 3, 2018

*EARLY BIRD PRICE US $895.00 + tax

REGULAR PRICE US $995.00 + tax


If applicable, please remit any sales tax to appropriate state tax office.

*Early Bird ends February 28, 2019

Cancellation fees applicable after March 12 (US$250.00)


Enjoy Special Rates for 219 USD!


We are proud to host this year’s event at the sophisticated Magnolia Hotel St. Louis, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel. This classic boutique hotel was built during the roaring 20s and is located downtown St. Louis near all amenities. Graitec was able to secure the grand spacious Magnolia ballroom for our sessions, and guests will be able to enjoy the elegant foyer area during breaks.


Special Rate ends March 12, 2019



Magnolia Hotel St. Louis, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel

421 North, 8th Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63010

+1 314-436-9000

We are proud to introduce to you our 2019 Advance Steel Academy Presenters:

David Naylor

Advance Steel Technical Manager,

Local Product Manager for Advance Steel & PowerPack,

Senior Technical Specialist



David is the LPM and Technical Manager for Advance Steel supporting North American customers. He brings over a wealth of industry experience in structural engineering, from traditional steel, concrete, and timber design, to seismic design and spectral analysis working for over 13 years in California and 3 years in Canada. He has worked for Walt Disney Imagineering, Parsons, PCL, and Autodesk on projects worldwide.


BIM integration has been one of his focuses since working on Disney’s Expedition Everest in 2004. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering (BS ArcE) from Cal Poly State University - San Luis Obispo.

Frank Lemus

Applications trainer for Revit Architecture


Frank is a support specialist and applications trainer for Revit Architecture and has been with Graitec since 2017. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and earned the Autodesk Certified Professional certificate for Revit Architecture. He has presented topics for the Revit User Group in Houston, TX and is an active member. Recently, Frank has begun to work with the structural toolsets in Revit, and has been applying BIM workflows with BIM 360 Docs and Design.

Gernot Jeromin

Structural Steel Product Manager



Gernot Jeromin, a civil engineer, joined Autodesk in spring 2018 as Product Manager for Advance Steel and Revit Structural Steel, located in Germany.

In 2005 Gernot started working for Bentley Systems, as an application engineer for Plant. In his role, he provided consulting for companies in EMEA in AEC, photogrammetry, point-cloud technology, visualization, plant, structural steel, concrete and rebar applications. In 2015 he moved back from the USA to Germany where he worked for over 7 years as a product manager for ProStructures, a 3D structural steel, concrete and rebar modeling and detailing application.


Gernot has extensive experience in multiple industries like; mechanical engineering, electrical, EDM, HVAC, surveying and AEC, serving customers, users and business partners on a global scale. Along with providing consulting and training, he has also established multiple branches for CAD system houses in Germany and in the USA.


Irene Radcliffe

Sales Engineer



With many years of experience in the oil and gas sector, Irene Radcliffe is well versed in the challenges faced by engineering companies to adapt and stay current in a fast-changing world of technology. Irene has held many roles in the AEC industry, including Senior Piping Designer, Pipeline Construction Coordinator, Cad Manager, Technical consultant and trainer.  As an author with both LinkedIn Learning and, Irene has written and produced a series of Autodesk-based plant design courses.

In April 2017, Irene joined FARO in the role of Sales Engineer where she finally has a chance to use her engineering, technical and uber-nerd skills to support both the FARO sales team and FARO customers with their field to finish workflows.

Juraj Sabatka



Being one of the managers and owners and IDEA StatiCa, Juraj is in charge of sales, support and research initiatives at IDEA StatiCa. In his work, he aims to bring together the best researchers and IT experts in the field to create tools that allow structural engineers all over the world to calculate yesterday’s estimates.


Douglas Morton

Advance Steel Specialist



Doug is an applications specialist for Advance Steel, supporting North American customers. He has an extensive background working with steel and concrete 3D modeling and documentation systems where he has worked to enhance participants understanding of the software and its tools in a classroom environment, both live and online.


Additionally, he has acted as success-factors advocate where he initiated and maintained user advancement programs, provided software support and participated in focused multi-discipline coordination projects.


Doug demonstrates a deep and ongoing commitment to understanding a user’s needs, as he works to help educate and empower people, so they can work as a team in their 3D related work projects.


Olivier Gervais

Local Product Manager for Graitec Advance Workshop



Olivier is now the Local Product Manager for Graitec Advance Workshop. He’s cumulated implementation success and customization around our customer base in North America, on the Autodesk Advance Steel technology. This software has no secrets for him, he’s also overseeing support for North American customers.

For the past 10 years, Olivier has been working with GRAITEC providing Autodesk Advance Steel support, consultation, training, product development, presales demos and implementation. Well experimented with Autodesk Advance Steel implementation for many of our customers, he establishes new methodology & processes and helps for a smooth transition of technology.

He is also focused on helping R&D for future release. He is the Drawing Styles Guru and expert in advance configuration of user settings and content.

Ian Coats

Technical Specialist Structural BIM



Ian currently serves as a Technical Specialist on Structural BIM at Autodesk. As part of his current role, he provides demonstrations, training and industry liaison. He started in the construction industry as a Draftsman, Layout Engineer and Site Manager for a large General Contractor in Scotland working commercial developments, industrial plants and bridges. Subsequently, he focused towards the steel industry gaining experience as a Project Manager for a fabrication shop, before moving into the early BIM era creating structural models of major retail developments for the largest fabricator in the country.


After coming to the USA, he has become more involved in construction software, leading a Technical Support Team and then as a Product Manager. Ian is an entertaining and renowned speaker in the community. He delivers thought leadership talks and technical demonstrations regularly to prominent industry groups. Ian also hosts the popular BIMing With Confidence blog site


Jana Kaderova

Product Engineer


Jana’s main role is to support structural engineers in their projects from start to finish. She provides technical support, creates product documentation, software testing, writes articles and transforms customer feedback into propositions for the IDEA StatiCa development team.

Mike Vance

Innovation Leader

Steelway Building Systems

Mike Vance is a structural engineer for Steelway Building Systems in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada.  He has always had a passion and aptitude for software, seeking more efficient ways to complete increasingly complex projects.  In fact, continuous improvement is now his full-time job as ‘innovation leader’.  Part of this role involves researching, testing, creating, and implementing new technologies that improve project outcomes.  He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with coworkers and with the broader steel construction industry community.